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Right now I am a little crazy about pineapples! They smell good, taste good and they are on trend this season! Not to mention I discovered a gazillion health benefits that this wonder food of a fruit has to offer!

The indigenous people of ancient times used it to treat many ailments and now the medical world are keeping their eyes peeled to this fruit, as parts of the pineapple are proving to live beyond just a kitchen favorite. I know next time i pass the pineapple aisle I will be adding one to my list! Best one on the block is the Organic kind – It’s the way Mother Nature made it and Mother Nature will love you for it..Stay tuned for more posts on Organics.



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Top 5 Skin Tips

I am a huge fan of organic beauty, and over the years of modelling i have gained a little wisdom in the skin care department.  I believe alot can be done from the inside out.


1. Have a really good daily routine- cleanse (i love milk cleansers) as it doesn’t over strip your skin’s natural oils – followed by toner or serum(  i use Jojoba/ Rosehip oil) moisturize and sunscreen is a must during the day ladies. i love this brand Pai Skincare -  it’s great for Sensitive Skin.

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